The NYU Game Center is proud to announce Spring Fighter 2018! Our annual fighting game tournament will be happening this April 14th in Brooklyn. This year our friend Seth Killian be continuing his series of interviews with legendary Street Fighter players and sitting down with Justin Wong.

This year we’ll be hosting tournaments in:
  • Street Fighter V
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z
  • Tekken 7

All tournaments are bring your own controller and all games will be played on PS4.

You can register for free for all the games here or register just for the conversation.

Each year the NYU Game Center invites a veteran of the fighting game community to share their thoughts about their career in fighting games, the scene, and life in general, with Seth Killian. In the past we’ve hosted such greats as Daigo Umehara, Alex Valle, Ricki Ortiz, and LI Joe. This year we’ve invited another storied player, Justin Wong. The interview will take place right before the Top 8 in Street Fighter V.

We’d like to thank Arturo Sanchez for returning to stream and commentate our FGC games again this year. On April 14th, you can watch the Spring Fighter 2018 here:

Here’s the tournament schedule:

10AM: Stand-by for tournament opens
11AM: Player check-in opens
12PM: Pool As Start
2PM: Pool Bs Start
4PM: Tekken 7 Top 4
5PM: Dragon Ball Fighter Z Top 4
6PM: Conversation with Seth Killian & Justin Wong
8PM: Street Fighter V Top 8

Register here!