Visit the NYU Game Center at the Northside Innovation Expo! We’ll be there Thursday and Friday, showing off the 2015 NYU Game Center Incubator games. Come chat with alumni, students, and staff, play some games, and enjoy a nice day in the park!

Northside Innovation is where those in the know come to discover what’s next in technology, entrepreneurship, content, and design.  Northside Innovation has two major components: the Northside Innovation Expo and the Northside Innovation Conference.  The Innovation Expo features exhibitors from all kinds of art, tech, and entrepreneurial groups in NYC and from all over the world.

Northside Innovation is part of a huge week-long festival bringing incredible music, film, and leaders in tech and design to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For more information on the festival, visit their site.

The Northside Innovation Expo is free to check-out, and you can RSVP here.