On Wednesday, May 4, Willoughby and adjoining streets will be closed off for a NYU takeover! Come enjoy some nice Spring weather and check-out the NYU GAME CENTER PARKADE, a board game lounge and arcade that takes place in car parking spots. We’ll be showcasing alongside performances from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and interactive projects from ITP / IMA. Plus, this outdoor event will be fully open to the public!

Find more information on the DTBK website here!

Come play 7 board games created in NYU Game Center classes throughout the 2021-2022 year! Here’s the full schedule:

2:00 – 4:30pm 

James Martini, Edikan Abia, Kimari Rennis, Raymond Lothian, Jack Warshaw
ResuMaybe is a tabletop game where one player hosts an interview for the others, who have no idea what job they’ll be using their randomly assembled resume to apply for. After an Applicant assembles their resume, they will be questioned by the Interviewer in a group interview, putting their best foot forward as they work towards receiving a new position. 

No Smoke
d.h. croasdill Beau McGhee
a Zine about the flight of Icarus; also a flirt game about kissing. You really should just read it <3.

Ram Rush 
Tori Smith, Rook Liu, Beau McGhee, Swathi Sambasivam
Ram Rush is a real-time game where you play as two rams trying to headbutt each other off a mountain. Your Ram honor is on the line, so add chips to the battle lane until one of you falls to your doom.

Exquisite Cat 
Nate Liu, Rook Liu, Beau McGhee, Tori Smith
In Exquisite Cat, you will be reacting to different objects as your pet cat using body language cards, learning how cats non-verbally communicate with their emotions with humans along the way.

4:30 – 7:00pm 

Walid Raouda, Nchima Kapoma, Luke Li
Secondary Security Screening Selection (S.S.S.S) is a two player language puzzle game. Set in an interrogation room airport, one player is the traveler, a person moving to a foreign country. The other, an interrogator, trying to solve an issue regarding the travel. Throughout the game players are discouraged from speaking in a language they share together, while simultaneously completing their individual objectives

Ian Tang
A 2-player connection game for abstract game enthusiasts or Mondrian fans. Maneuver around limited space and color and compete to construct the best abstract painting!

Julian Spinelli, TJ Spalty, Moochi, Lee McGirr
DaDaDa is a cooperative game for four players about collectively creating a new language. You are not allowed to speak any known languages so the challenge is to communicate pictures using only the limited set of sounds available to them.

Willoughby Walks is a totally open to the public event,
no RSVP necessary.