Join us for the annual NYU Game Center Spring Showcase! Students will be showing playable demos of their work made over the course of this past year. Check out dozens of digital, tabletop, and experimental projects from a wide range of Game Center students. You are encouraged to meet and chat with students about their game making process at this huge end of year celebration!

Who is showing?

The Showcase will feature projects from all graduating Capstone and Thesis students, as well as a selection of digital and non-digital games made in a range of design, studio, and development courses at the NYU Game Center.

What can I expect to see?

At least 50 games will be present at this showcase! A map will be provided to you, and you are free to roam the 2nd floor of 370 Jay Street where students from various Game Center courses will have their games set up to play. This event is free and open to the public!

Poster art by Sajan Rai. Find more of their work here.

Featured Games


A Person Stands on an Empty Stage by Attilio Rigotti, Irene Li, Sia Yang, Skylar Ai
BB by Alex Zheng
Bibliotactics by John Ricotta
Bobble Bob by Ruofu Sun
Catum Parabox by Betty Deng
Counter by Richard Raya
Feast by Yining Li
FORWARD: Farming towards our Future by Ami Cai, Alyssa Rodriguez, Camron Gonzalez, Tip Bulante, Natasha Ramoutar, Wei Rao
Imogen by JD Calvelli, Devinne Moses
Jolly Essentials by Blaer Zhang, Haotian Chen, Linke Huang
Lord of Mystery by David Fang
Pomegranates by Yasmine Batniji, Juanjo Hernandez
QUANTUM TIES by Samira Herber
Shadow by Hoi Sen Wong
Silencer by Diane Wang
Single Forever by Alice Yu
Sprouts by Priscilla Xu
Stardice: Fusion by Jayde Zhou, Lexy Li, Van Hu
Tower Runner by Tommy Maranges


Cecità Rental by Cathy Zhang, Teresa Bing, Darcy Lu, Emily Zhang, Ruiyang Zang, Yunfei Gao, Bryan Leng
Dirty Work by Kimari Rennis, Leena Vieltojarvi, Raynah Alleyne, Jocelyn Xu, Nayan Saha, Diane “Danfeng” Yang, Malachi Gregory, Earl Kwofie
Fight Knight! by Jason Chiu, Jeremy Huml, Wesley Wafer
Ivy Underground by Aaron Kuthoor, Amiya Lamisha, Lexa Glucksman, Miles Esguerra, Nicole Shrader, Noah Young, Sara Moiseeva, Seth Royston, Thomas Tang
Lost Euclidean by Kris Candela, James Martini, Marcus Seeger, Dylan Dugourd, Billy Liu, Justin Chen, Ellie Konty, V Tucker, Leo Liu, Kiki Blanz
Mycopunk by Liam, Kenneth, Noah, Ryan, Lily, Nick, Aidan, Seungmi, Nicholas
To Oasis by Alex Xu, Tim Chen, Allyson Chan, Ryan Zhang, Kelly Wang, Arnee Wen, Joon Lee, Eli Sun, Derek Yu, Wen Liu, James Liu, Noa Kirschbaum, Lindsay Dills

Additional games featured at the Showcase will include digital, non-digital, and performance selections from our Major Studio, Studio 2, XR Studio, Intro to Game Design & Development, Beyond the Joystick, Level Design, and Project Studio.