The NYU Game Center invites you to join us for a very unique game conference.

From November 15-17, PRACTICE brings together top game designers from across the digital and non-digital realms for three days of detailed presentations, heated discussion, and intensive socializing.

PRACTICE focuses on the nuts-and-bolts challenges that game designers face in their daily work, with sessions that explore the concepts and methods of game design across media. The lineup includes design case studies, talkative panels, and other events – like our Open Problems session where anyone can present a work in progress to get feedback from the audience. Plus parties, receptions, and lots of game playing.

Speakers this year include the lead designer of DoubleFine’s Massive Chalice, Brad Muir; Rob Davieu, creator of the radical boardgame design RISK:Legacy; narrative game guru Emily Short; Civ III and IV industry veteran Soren Johnson; Walking Dead lead designers Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin; indie design superstars Michael Brough and Keith Burgun; and Susanna Liu from the NYC hip-hop dance battle scene.

All of this takes place at the NYU Game Center in New York City, a global hub for games that Joystiq has called “a bastion of game design.”

For more information and to reserve your spot, visit the PRACTICE site.