Celebrate the 10th anniversary of PacManhattan by playing at the 2014 Come Out and Play Festival in DUMBO!

PacManhattan started as a class project in 2004 and ended as a worldwide phenomenon. Frank Lantz and his Big Game students in NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program created and hosted a live action version of Pac-Man in the blocks surrounding Washington Square Park. The students broadcast the play on a Pac-Man board online and communicated location of the players through cell phones, maps and coordinates which were chalked onto street corners (while dressed up as the characters, of course). The game was not only fun, but opened the imaginations of spectators and the world, as the videos became viral and were shared on major news outlets all summer. The game has since been played in over 30 different cities by amateur Pac groups that took the source code and made it their own.

Read more from NYU Game Center Director Frank Lantz on PacManhattan here.

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