Playtest Thursday is a weekly event where you can share your work-in-progress game and get feedback from a (virtual) room full of game designers! No game to test? Just come and play some games and give feedback!

This Spring, Playtest Thursday is taking place entirely in the NYU Game Center Events Discord:

Open to the public, no RSVP or sign-up required. Just show up to the Discord at 5:30pm EST.

If you have a game to test:
  • Arrive in the Discord and fill out the Playtest Request Google Form (linked in #ptt-announcements).
  • Staff will make your game a voice + text channel.
  • Share a build of your game with your channel. You’re also welcome to use screen-share, Tabletop Sim, Parsec, or whatever works best to share your game.
  • Folks will drop in and playtest!
If you just want to playtest other games:
  • Stop by the NYU Game Center Events Discord anytime between 5:30-7:30pm EST!
  • Check out the schedule of games in the #ptt-announcements.
  • Find a game channel that needs playtesters and start playing!

Questions at the event? Message one of the GC Staff on Discord!

Join Playtest Thursday on Discord here!