From the Club Organizer — Librarian & Game Center BFA Matt Piedra:

“Golly-gee, I wish there was a game version of a book club that was offered somewhere.”
 Well, rest assured reader, it now exists at the NYU Game Center Open Library (370 Jay Street 6th Floor)! These will be weekly meetings on Saturdays from 1-3pm where we will play and discuss all types of games! Anyone from NYU is able to join!

The meet-up will play each week’s selected game followed by discussion, so no need to have experience with the game prior to attending.

Upcoming Press Play weekly game selections:

October 8: Samurai Gunn & Trombone Champ
October 15: Dragoon
October 22: Your Future Self
October 29: Icarus

PRESS PLAY will be happening every Saturday 1:00-3:00pm until December 19th, aside from Thanksgiving Break (November 26th). PRESS PLAY is only open to current NYU students (due to NYU’s COVID-19 event restrictions), though we open to welcome in the general public soon.