The aliens have landed and it’s up to the nations of Earth to unite… or not.

Or at the very least, pass some UN resolutions and try not to spy on each other too much. And then there’s all that interesting alien tech floating around in the grey market…

How will it all shake out? There’s only one way to find out:


What is a megagame? It’s like a game but bigger. Mega-bigger.

Part RPG and part board game, Watch the Skies brings together 60 players who will play on teams as various nations, news reporters, corporate factions and the alien visitors.

Each nation is made up of a team fulfilling different roles: the Foreign Minister, the Top Scientist, the Military Chief, the Deputy Head of State and the Head of State. The Foreign Minister will hold talks with other countries and the UN. The Top Scientist will research new and alien technologies. The Military Chief will control the military and the spies. The Deputy Heads of State will work with the news organizations and make sure the team’s plans are executing. The Heads of State will listen to his advisers and ultimately call the shots for his nation.

The corporations will be attempting to get ahead of their rivals by working with nations, researching technologies, lobbying countries and using all the other tools at their disposal to beat their rivals. The newspaper reporters will be trying to report the truth using special… methods and compete to receive the coveted Pulitzer Prize. And the aliens… well, you’ll have to play the game to see what they’re up to.

Inspired by the recent megagame episode of Shut Up and Sit Down a group of passionate gamers are excited to bring Watch The Skies to the United States. The game will last approximately 6 hours. All materials will be provided by the hosts, as well as breakfast and lunch. For more information on the megagame please go here.