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Chris Wallace
Courses taught:
- Introduction to Programming for Games
- Code Lab 1

Chris likes working on games that bring people together, teach, or change how people see the world. By day he works at Brooklyn edtech company Amplify, coding and designing games that help elementary school students learn to read. He spends his free time working on game and level design for Killer Queen Black, the home adaptation of the 10-player arcade phenomenon. His path in games started with notebooks full of imagined 2d platformers, atmospheric Counter-Strike maps, and an internship at the groundbreaking studio Gamelab. After a several-year detour into web development and project management, he realized he needed to get back on the games track and found the Game Center. Some of his notable past projects include a game that was played on the side of the Harpa concert hall in Reykjavik and an AR game played in the American Museum of Natural History.

Chris has also trained and taught Shaolin martial arts or philosophy for over half his life, and loves helping people become more confident and connected with themselves through his teaching, whether it’s kicking or coding.

See more of Chris’ work at: and follow him on twitter @hengde!