Semester(s) Offered: Fall / Spring / Summer
Credits: 4
Course Call Number: GAMES-UT 180, OART-UT 1617
Prerequisite(s): None
Taught By: Janet Gilbert / Chris Williams / Kate Smith / Karina Popp / Chris Wallace / AP Thomson / Mitu Khandaker

Introduction to Programming for Games is a course that introduces students to the concepts, problems, and methods of computer programming, and how these apply to the creation of video games. Throughout the semester, students will have weekly programming assignments, first using Processing with the Java programming language, then the GameMaker Game Engine with GML (GameMaker Language). There will be a midterm game and exam in Processing and a final game and exam in GML. The course assumes no prior programming knowledge and is designed to touch on the basic principles of digital design in form of computer code. There will be an emphasis on programming fundamentals; they will be motivated through the lens of designing and producing video games.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1) Demonstrate a basic understanding of computer programming.
2) Demonstrate the ability to create simple games in Processing and GameMaker.
3) Understand and explain the affordances of the game engines and frameworks, providing the foundation for knowledgeable decisions about which engine to use for future projects based on this understanding.
4) Understand how the scope of a digital game should be constrained in order to make development possible within time and resource limits.