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Flan Falacci
Courses taught:
- Project Studio

Flan Falacci is an independent experimental game developer in NYC. They graduated from the Game Center’s BFA class of 2018. Flan is interested in creating expressive, unusual and playful works that push ideas of genre and interactivity.

Flan’s most recent game, Titanic II: Orchestra for Dying at Sea, received an award at AMAZE festival 2022 and a nomination at IGF 2023. Flan has given talks at at Different Games, AMAZE, and PAX East.

Prior to teaching at the Game Center, Flan worked as a volunteer organizer for Babycastles gallery, a game developer for Looking Glass Factory, and taught Creative Coding at Parsons.

They continue to be an organizer for the Indie Arcade at MAGfest which highlights independently created arcade and alt control games.

Flan can usually be found downloading ripped models from or making Mario parody games with their cohort Big Bag.