Have you heard the news? Game Design is now a full BFA major at NYU! And you can be a part of its first graduating class.

Starting this coming Spring 2015, the Tisch School of the Arts will be the home to our new BFA in Game Design. For this year only, we are accepting a spring internal transfer class. If you’re an NYU student, you can apply for an internal transfer now through Albert, the deadline is November 1. The spring transfer opportunity is best suited for current sophomores, but if you’re a junior who has taken a few Game Center classes you might still be able to make the transition.

If you’re interested in being a part of the Game Design BFA class in the Fall of 2015, applications are open now and due early decision November 1, 2014, regular decision January 1, 2015, and external transfer April 1, 2015. For more on the application, visit the BFA application page.

The major expands on the same fundamental classes that we offer as part of the minor, going deeper into intermediate and advanced courses, adding game design electives in visual and audio design, programming, and special topics in design and development.

Find more information on the program, curriculum, and more at our BFA page.

If you have additional questions you can email us at gamecenter@nyu.edu