18 hours.
24 MFAs.
1 Faculty Member.
1 10×10 Booth.
1 Game.

For the second year in a row, the NYU Game Center GDC Expo Booth featured just what the Game Center does best: straight up game making. At booth 237 in Moscone South, Game Center MFAs took part in a large group jam that cumulatively lasted less than a single day.

Lead by Game Center Professor Matt Parker, groups of four MFAs each worked one shift of four hours. After their four hour crunch, they passed the game files off telephone-style using USB drives with instructions. They only had the theme Paymentwall, which was taken from the GDC badge lanyards, to go off of. The three-day blitz ended with a playable 3D Unity game about flinging a ball into a wall to get money. The money helps you buy stuff from the store, which allows you to make your ball bigger, faster, and stronger.

Here’s some screenshots of the eighteen hour experiment: