The Game Center Lecture Series Presents:

NYU President John Sexton

Thursday, April 18, 7PM
721 Broadway, Room 006

We are excited to announce that NYU President John Sexton will be speaking with us on Thursday as part of our guest lecture series. He will be talking about his recent book “Baseball as a Road to God”.

At the NYU Game Center, we believe that the best way to understand contemporary video games is to place them within the larger context of games and play as a fundamental aspect of culture that stretches back to the dawn of history. As we seek to elucidate the different ways that games can engage with important issues and express complex ideas, it is critical to look at a game like Baseball and appreciate how it can become a profoundly meaningful part of people’s lives. Games can be more than simple pastime, more than disposable entertainment. This is exactly what Sexton’s work is about. We are thrilled to welcome him to the Game Center to discuss these challenging and important ideas. Please join us for this exciting conversation.

– Frank Lantz, Director NYU Game Center