Messhof and GDFX receiving the award.  Photo credit

Last night, Independent Game Developers gathered to view the 13th Annual Independent Games Festival. The NYU Game Center congratulates Messof’sNidhogg‘ for receiving the Nuovo Award, which honors abstract, shortform, and unconventional game development in order to see games in new and interesting ways. In addition to the success of the Nuovo Award, ‘Nidhogg’ has been showcased at Babycastles and won first place at the Indie Games Arcade at Eurogame Expo, and Audience Award at Fantastic Arcade. We’re proud to have commissioned Nidhogg and we congratulate Messof in the incredible success that he’s received over the past year.

As the Second Annual No Quarter Exhibition for Games closes in, we’re excited to see where new games by Terry Cavanagh, Ramiro Corbetta, and Charley Miller, as well as Clock by Luke O’ Conner will go! Join us May 12th for the opening of our Second Annual No Quarter Exhibition! For more information about the event, click here.