An urban legend cartography role-play about regeneration

Alina Constantin + Brianna Shuttleworth

Players use a set of illustrated vintage postcards to spark personal memories and craft the basis of an original story. Participants create together onto a clear acrylic board, placed over a large permanent map base, along points of a narrative arc. They interpret, name, then change the game space that is as much an open canvas as a conversational heirloom in 30-45 minute sessions.
At the end, they take a personal memento home and leave the space changed, allowing a new group to start their story of the map with unnamed traces of the ones that came before.

Old Jo’s Map was created as an extra curricular artistic collaboration between two friends in separate graduate years, and shown as a part of CultureHub’s Refest 2020 Festival.
Read more about the project and watch a playthrough at LaMama Theater here