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Gabrielle Dias

Howdy, my name is Gabi! I'm a Brazilian-American artist focusing on concept design, environments, and some good ole monster making, but I do everything that falls under the art umbrella. My all-time favs are Mass Effect, Okami, and Monster Hunter. Some good tea and a video game are where it's at.

Projects By Gabrielle Dias

Neoscape: Techpocalypse

Why are you studying games?
I'd like for people to experience art in a very personal, hands-on way, similar to how I personally play games. And I'd also like to provide some meaningful changes in the game industry.
How has the Game Center changed your thinking about games?
It's really made me appreciate programming a lot more! But aside from that, I've got some really great experiences working on teams for games and balancing creativity and demand.
What do you hope to accomplish after school?
Hopefully some nice art position at a decent but large game company. I'd like to climb the ranks and become a director, to get some good inclusivity in these AAA games.
What's the last great game you played and what's great about it?
Ghost of Tsushima! It's innovative mechanics, beautiful scenery and clean UI make it a game I enjoy coming back to. Samurai/ lone gunslinger stories have a special place in my heart.
What's your favorite New York City spot?
Either any of the parks or Ladurée bakery! I love me some tea and macaroons.