A stylish and fast-paced 2.5D fighter

Battle TWO unique bosses who threaten the Neoscape. Will you prevail?

Nick Chirico + Euris Adino + Santiago Fernández + Yifan Chen + Gabrielle Dias
Class: Game Studio I - 2020
Instructor:  Matt Boch    

Play Neoscape Here!


Neoscape is an action fighting game where you play as a new-age robot defending his city from spiteful, antiquated technology that threatens to send you back to the scrap heap!

The concept of Neoscape was based off of a game submitted by Zitta to our class’s jam, Aekiro, which you can play here

We took Zitta’s concept and completely overhauled it from the ground up to incorporate a deeper range of player capability to include dodge rolling and deflecting, as well as adding two brand new bosses with completely new move sets and unique attack styles. We also stylized the game to fit an aesthetic, neo-tech city with bright lights and brazen colors.

The project took four weeks to design and develop.