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Ren Hughes

A lighting and narrative designer primarily, Ren is a multi-faceted game designer with a passion for telling stories. He has an extensive background in theatrical lighting and production, which he now uses to inform his work. As a writer, Ren's strengths include character development and world building, with seven years of experience, mostly in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, but also in creative non-fiction. In the last three years he has taken all of this experience and applied it to game design, creating some of his best work. Check out his full portfolio at

Projects By Ren Hughes

A Dark and Stormy Night

Why are you studying games?
I like telling stories, and I like the avenues games have to tell them. Not just through the written words on a screen, but through their visuals, their sound, and even their mechanics. (I'm also a bit of a jack of all trades and games let me really use that to it's full potential.)
What do you hope to accomplish after school?
My main goal is to see someone cosplay a character I wrote into a game. (Otherwise known as I want to write characters and stories people love as much as I do.)