War and Peas

Class: Capstone I -
Instructor:  Matt Boch    

Aggroculture!! is a fast-paced, comedically over-the-top, shared-resource RTS. Where most farming games are casual, simple, and relaxed, Aggroculture!! truly represents the pulse-pumping struggle farming was always meant to be.


Players have no options to attack one another directly. Instead, they’ll have to dominate the space to dominate the competition. Cutting off irrigation, burning down fields, and stealing crops are all underhanded tactics players will be able to make use of since all of them are on the same map!

Pure offense won’t win the day though – players will have to carefully balance how many crops they’ll put down over how many they can realistically defend. How many upgrades to make and how much money to keep in the bank. Aggroculture!! is very focused on the micro-game, so vigilance is required at all times!