A slapstick management game about running a boarding school for aliens.

Vanessa Briceño + chargeorge + Elyse Lemoine

Alien Academy is a fast-paced, slapstick management game where you run a boarding school for aliens and try to control their chaotic interactions.  Cast as the headmaster or headmistress of this prestigious academy, you are tasked with the job of managing the facilities, students, and chaos level that comes with the educating pubescent and hormonal aliens from all reaches of the galaxy.  Will you be able to help spread the prestige of your school or will you watch it fall to ruins as your students launch the universe into the Seventh Intergalactic War?

We are currently developing Alien Academy in Unity 4.6.  This is our second year thesis project in order to obtain our MFAs in Game Design from the NYU Game Center.  This project began as a prototype in May 2014 and is scheduled to reach late-Alpha by May 2015.

Follow the development blog here.  More information and builds to come.