Play Gemini On iOS Now!

Atlas Chen and Nick Zhang’s Gemini – A Journey of Two Stars is a poetic video game about two stars flying into the heavens together and lighting up the sky. After three years of development, we are excited to announce the launch of Gemini today, Thursday, August 25th on the iOS App Store!

Atlas and Nick began work on Gemini as there year-long MFA thesis project. After graduating in the NYU Game Center’s inaugural MFA class of 2014, they continued work on the game in the first cohort of the NYU Game Center Incubator. Since the conclusion of the Incubator, Gemini has been honored as a SXSW Gamer’s Voice Finalist and an IGF Showcase Winnner as well as exhibited at IndieCade, E3, and PAX Prime.

Check out the teaser trailer here!

Tree MD

In Gemini, the player controls the movement of a star that has descended to the earth. Soon it comes across another star—a little one  with its own intentions and personality. Together, the two stars move in tandem to explore mythical spaces, share moments of joy, and overcome obstacles. Through the journey, the player comes to learn more about the little star and how to fly beautifully. After finishing the game once, the player unlocks a local two-player mode to share the experience with a family member, friend, or partner.

The story of Gemini is told wordlessly. It gives the player the freedom to determine the meaning of its metaphors through playful exploration of its world and mechanics.

Get Gemini on iOS on here now!