A Clicker Game focused around achieving wealth, through Babies!

Kate Howell
Instructor:  Alexander King    


Boss Baby Clicker is an attempt to experiment with generator conversion in an incremental clicker game. The player must manage two forms of currency, Money and Babies. Income per click is based on how many Crying babies the player has, while Idle income comes from Good Babies, and all other upgraded types of babies. Pacifiers may be bought to convert a Crying Baby into a Good Baby, then Good Babies are spent to buy upgraded babies with higher idle income rates. The production of Crying Babies and Good Babies can be automated with the purchase of Factories.


You can play it here! This game was made in two weeks for a final project in Economics for Game Designers.


System Design

I designed the economic system behind the game to encourage tough choice making during the game. It is clear to the player what the choice options are at any given moment, through the use of UI, but it is unclear what the best choice is.  The prices for each item increase at a variable rate to dynamically effect the best choice in the game at any given moment. Feedback from players has shown they feel a sense of competition with the system and have an urge to find to most efficient way through it.


UI Design

The UI is lacking in artistic design but has important elements that help it be successful. Items are only revealed when the player has enough money to purchase that item, and babies are only revealed when one has been unlocked. This results in the player starting with a blank screen and filling up the screen as the game progresses, giving a visual feedback for progression. The player also feels rewarded when unlocking each type of baby as revealing the baby feels satisfying and like a milestone of progression has been passed.