Collect those works the best, bounty those worth the most!

Beck Mamus + cx640 + Eli Clendenning + hl3407 + jfm521
Class: Introduction to Game Design - 2019
Instructor:  Winnie Song    

In Bounty, each player starts with the same deck of technology cards. As the game progresses, players will use their decks to retrieve more tech cards from the Scrapyard, improving the quality of their decks and collecting Bounties for some of those cards. The game is further complicated by having to balance the game’s two resources: Energy, which is used to play cards, and Intel, which is used to buy more cards.

This game came about from our group wanting to challenge ourselves and create a deck-building game with a clear, integrated theme, which was still different from the classic deck-builder games we had played, such as Dominion.



Each player begins with the same deck, consisting of 4 Makeshift Scanners, 2 Beta Scanners, and 2 Nuclear Batteries. Each player begins the game with receiving 4 Energy each turn.











Playing the Game

Each turn, the current player, with a hand of 4 cards from their deck, has may take the following actions any number of times:

They may play cards from their hand:

  • They pay the Energy cost on a card in their hand, and then follow the effects of that card.

They may retrieve cards from the Yard:

  • To retrieve a card, the player must pay its Intel cost, plus the Intel cost above it in the Yard.
  • When they do, they gain that card to their deck, and move all cards to the right of that card in the Yard down one spot.

Lastly, players may choose to sell up to 1 card for Bounty on their turn:

  • A card must have the Bounty icon in order to be sold.
  • The player pays the card’s Energy cost and trashes it from their hand.
  • When they do, they advance their player token on the Bounty track.
  • As players advance on the Bounty track, more Energy will become available to them each turn.


A player wins the game when they reach 10 Bounty on their Bounty track.

After a player has completed all their actions, they discard their hand, and draw new cards and regain Energy for their next turn.