Ultra stylish shooter/checkpoint racer where you transport into the bodies of enemies you kill taking over their weapons

Ansh Patel

In the near future where corporate espionage has replaced rivalry between nations, corporate secrets are a popular target for many hackers. Among these, a new breed of AI melded into human consciousness has enabled these hackers to make a quick escape — embedding their soul into their bullets, they can hack into the body of anyone they shoot. They are Bullet Soul Hackers.

Oozes with audiovisual style…..has a neat blend of mechanics” —IndieGames.com (Freeware Pick)

Playable for PC on itch.io

Core Mechanic:

Shoot and kill enemies to speed your movement and to quickly transport into their bodies, taking control of their own weapons, strengths, weaknesses and memories as you race to the next checkpoint.



Part shooter and a part checkpoint racer, Bullet Soul Hacker puts you in the shoes of an escaping hacker jumping from the vibrant skyline of a futuristic world that’s decaying from within.  An attempt to combine two diverse genres with a central mechanic which generates the rush of adrenaline common to both.

It is also part of my continuing attempts of humanizing enemies by whatever means possible through the mechanics. In Bullet Soul Hacker, the player is directly affected by whose body they take over by having to use their weapon, survive in their body (with their own strengths and weaknesses) and to battle the enemy’s personal memories from distracting them.

It is also partly an attempt to convey a story combining cyberpunk’s part pulp fiction and part philosophical nature through the environment and narrating it in a non-intrusive manner that complements its checkpoint structure.



  • Fast paced shooting with focus on constant movement
  • Transporting into enemies’ mind and body prevents the player from ever developing a comfort zone
  • Checkpoint racer with variety of dynamic challenges including racing rival hackers to next data point, escaping from authorities.
  • A heavy 80s inspired retro aesthetic with a stylized scanline look
  • Synthwave soundtrack injecting a moody energy into the game



Clip Clip Clip (Main Battle Theme) by Sumanth

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Another Day in the Void (Intro Theme) by Ansh

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