3D walking simulator

Xihe Chen
Class: Intermediate Game Development - 2020
Instructor:  Greg Heffernan    

“Chicken Ran!” is a simple walking simulator embeded in a village scene, you play as a kid who lives in the village and raises chicken with grandfather. Due to the reason that the chicken house is actually a jerry-built project, a wall of it suddenly collapsed at one night. Unfortunately, some chicken catched this chance and escaped. Thus, you have to survey the whole village and investigate the whereabouts of all missing chickens, otherwise it will be a great loss for your family. This topic is relate to my childhood memories of living in a small village located in Northern China. In my impression, those troublesome domestic animals like chicken are an inseparable part of village life. I want to use this game to recall that part of memory.

For this personal project, I did all the modeling and programming work. The process of making the game is really fun, I especially enjoyed the part of modeling and texturing in Blender. Designing those sprites and buttons of UI system is relaxing as well. A good decision I made is making a checklist at the beginning stage of development, that’s incrediblely helpful for me to work efficiently, rather than pushing everything back till the date of deadline.