a people-watching, connection-making, cross-walking adventure available at any busy crosswalk

Leo Current
Class: Introduction to Game Design - 2019
Instructor:  Winnie Song    

Crosswalks are locations with a very specific, systematic purpose. CROSS X WALK aims to subvert that purpose and use the existing systems in a playful way. People at crosswalks are focused solely on their destination: the other side of the street. The scope of their attention is limited to the walk signal, the stoplight, or the approaching vehicles.

CROSS X WALK encourages its players to notice the people around them and to pay attention to small details that would otherwise go unnoticed, the things that connect the people using the crosswalk. The way that crosswalks work is extremely systematic, but people are not. CROSS X WALK reuses the lights, the people and timers for a different, play-focused purpose, which humanizes an experience that is otherwise somewhat robotic and thoughtless.

Who shares the crosswalk with you? What do you have in common with those around you except the shared experience of using the crosswalk? Through CROSS X WALK, you may soon realize that the people around you are not so different from you after all.

a busy crosswalk on a busy night.