GGJ multiplayer brawler that features cute princes

Angela Lee + Kailin Zhu

Cuddly Crown Chaos is a fast-paced multiplayer puzzle brawler. Players must push all of the other princes off of the tower by sliding blocks. Princes that get hit will be pushed until they collide with something else or fall off the tower.

This game was made during Global Game Jam 2015 at NYU Game Center in 48 hours. The game was created by a team of mostly strangers who worked together within the time limit to create a complete and fun game. The team consisted 5 people of which 2 were programmers who worked in Construct 2 and 1 project manager. The character art and backgrounds were created by Kailin Zhu and the animations and other art assets were done by Angela Lee. Additionally, the team also worked with 2 sound designers, one at Game Center and another remotely.

Cuddly Crown Chaos won two awards at Game Center after the GGJ, one being Matt Parker’s Favorite Game and the other being The Audiences’ Favorite Game.

Cuddly Crown Chaos! Play here!