Drama, intrigue, can you snuff out the traitorous human in your midst?

Lola Johnson + Nathan Thomas
Class: Introduction to Game Design - 2021
Instructor:  Jeff Petriello    

Done in Darkness is a co-operative social intrigue game with one to two traitors mixed in. Players are separated into vampires and humans. The vampires’ goal is to successfully complete one randomly chosen potion at the end of the four round game while the humans must attempt to either sabotage the potion or guess which one the vampires are trying to create.

Each round, players uncover hidden cards to see if they match the requirements for the potion and decide whether to put it into the cauldron or not. Vampires must try to hide their true goal from the humans while the humans must try to blend in and not be discovered.

Unlike other social deception games, there is no elimination in Done in Darkness. Instead, each round all players vote on the turn order for that round, so if a human is discovered their actions can easily be undone but never stopped entirely.