Kirby Air Ride Inspired City Explorer

Dream City is a game meant to explore the concept of a city within a game. Dream City takes aspects of urban theory and gamifies them to fit within the context of a game. The result is neither a city nor a game but an "urban playground", where players can choose how to interact with the environment.

Edgar Gonzalez Rodriguez + Aaron Lu
Class: Capstone I - 2020
Instructor:  Burgess Voshell    

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Dream City is an attempt to create a city that uses urban design principles to make a city that is both logical and suitable for gameplay. Because of the outlandish form of movement, the city cannot retain the initial realistic approach, transforming into an illusive version of itself.

Players are given time to explore the city, collecting stats along the way. When time is up, players participate in a small race where both skill and stats will determine the winner.