A game for six thieving waiters; two of whom are even more so thieving than the others.

Brian S. Chung + Chris Kindred + Mary Georgescu + Sky Huang

A Story-Based, Physical Game

Designed with Yuxin HuangBrian Chung, and Chris Kindred

Seen at Come Out and Play 2019!

We designed this game in reaction to a poem, “I got robbed. But I also robbed …” in Eric Zimmerman’s class.

In the chaotic 5 minutes before the dinner rush, they’re trying to steal from each other’s fridges! Caught thieves —and false accusers — are sent to wash the dishes. Even as they steal from each other’s fridges, there lurks another type of thief: stealing not only for their team, but for themselves as well!

Plate check ritual before the start of every game.

Will either the Fox or the Hound end up with an empty fridge? Will all be washing dishes? Will the hidden thieves make off with the best items? Will anyone have an edge at all when the 5 minutes are up? Thieve as much as you can — but do mind your manners!


Set-up requires 5 long tables. This creates two lanes of traffic which players traverse throughout the game.


Two teams of wait staff are trying to steal from each other’s fridges without getting caught.

There’s a hidden thief on each team, and they’re also trying to steal for themselves!

Your team’s objective is to end up with more items in your own fridge than the other team.

The hidden thief’s additional objective is to hide all the red items in their own platter.

Don’t get caught stealing — or falsely accuse — because then you’ll be washing dishes!


2 walk-in fridges (boxes turned on their side, raised to table height, with the above signs)

1 very long table (at least 6 tables joined together)

16 fridge items (3 red items, 13 other — start with 8 in each fridge, distributed randomly)

8 serving platters with domes (4 platters each in 2 colors)

6 hidden role cards (2 thieves, 4 staff)

“Restaurant music” & alarm set for 5 minutes


Split 6 players into 2 teams: “Fox” and “Hound.”

Distribute role cards to each team. Each team will has 2 staff and 1 hidden thief.

Look at your own role card; don’t show it to anyone else.

Each player takes a platter of their team’s color. Each team will have 1 left over.

The 2 teams face each other, say “Plate Check,” and reveal their empty platters.

Players walk back to their own refrigerator, and then begin play.

Start the timer for 5 minutes (the restaurant music will end with a bell).

Because players stand at a distance it is possible to trick a fellow player into a plate check if you just shuffle things around. It’s hard to tell and risky to accuse a fellow waiter of stealing food!



🥐 Each player walks back and forth between fridges. Repeat this patrol for the whole game.

🥐 When you walk away from a fridge, you must choose which side of the table to walk on.

🥐 There is 1 extra platter at the center. Whenever you pass by, you may swap it with yours.

🥐 Only 1 person behind a fridge at a time. If someone is at the fridge, you must wait in front.

🍜 Mind your manners! If you violate any of the “Service Etiquette” rules, you will be penalized.

🍜 Whenever you pass someone, make eye contact and greet each other.

🍜 When you visit your opponent’s fridge, you can steal 1 item by hiding it in your platter.

🍲 You can accuse someone of stealing (“plate-check”) if they’re on the same side of the table.

🍲 Someone who is plate-checked must reveal their platter.

If correctly accused, they must return the stolen item, go to the dishwashing area, and wash 60 dishes, counting out loud. When done washing dishes, return to your patrol.

If falsely accused, the accuser must go to the dishwashing area wash 60 dishes, counting out loud. When done washing dishes, return to your patrol.

🥘 The game ends immediately if:

Everyone on one team is washing dishes. That team loses.

One fridge is empty & one fridge is full. The team with the full fridge wins.

The hidden thief has all 3 red items. The hidden thief wins, both teams lose.

Five minutes pass. Whichever team with more items in their fridge wins.

🍨 Whatever the end result, the two teams get together and guess who the hidden thieves are.


Players must wait for each waiter to spend their allotted time at the fridge.


Remember, you are staffing a 5-star restaurant. Be professional!

Platter must be held with one hand, above the shoulder.

The off-hand must be behind the back.

No yelling or pointing; No running or moving backwards; No cutting ahead of anyone else in line.

If there are lines on both sides of the fridge, alternate turns.

If someone is at the fridge, you must wait behind the table.

When passing someone, make eye contact and greet them.

If you see any other staff violating any of the above, call Manners — then, they must return to the fridge they came from and start again.

Correct Posture and Trickery!