Field-1 feels like playing hockey inside a pinball machine!

Field-1 is an arcade game that’s accessible and exciting for both players and spectators. It's Frogger with your friends, it's Hokra without the puck, and it’s the most fun you've had with a controller in a long time.

Dylan + Maxim + Aaron Freedman + Shervin Ghazazani
Class: Game Studio I - 2012
Instructor:  Katherine Isbister    

Field-1 began as a three week assignment for a digital production studio at the NYU GameCenter. The end result was a local multi-player head-to-head set in a zero-gravity arena filled with an increasing number of moving obstacles. Our team later spent a summer refining the game’s minimal esthetic and core mechanics while porting the original GameMaker build to OpenFrameworks.

Field-1 now exists as a 4-player digital download and traveling promotional arcade. You can find more information on the finished game at

Gameplay promo video

The Field-1 cabinet at Death by Audio