the simulation hypothesis

Brian S. Chung
Class: Thesis I - 2019-2020

Free Agency

Free Agency is the life simulation game where the agents gradually become self-aware and try to find meaning in their own lives. Meanwhile, you gotta keep them too busy to think about it.

Bring about their social and financial failure as you micromanage their careers, hobbies, friendships, and romances; all while you find your way around the simulation’s powerful user interface.

The world of Free Agency is a computer program. It is inhabited by autonomous intelligent agents: subjects of study in a life simulation. Each agent has a room. Each room has objects. Each object has actions. Each action has consequences.

wishlist Free Agency on Steam



  • Pet the cat.
  • Have an existential crisis or two.
  • Call their friends. Make them fall in love.
  • Level up in piano, cooking, writing, photography, sleeping, and more.
  • Level up the simulation itself.
  • Fix the 4th wall.