Card game with unique card selection mechanism

Eric Teo


As part of a spring 2015 internship with AMNH, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Susan Perkins and Barry Joseph from the museum to create a card game that is to be released in conjunction with Susan’s exhibition opening in November 2015. This was an amazing opportunity because not only did I create a card game that has since been sold out at the museum’s store, I also got to teach the LANG students at the museum. One of the fears of creating an educational game is that it will be boring and not fun at all. Using what I have learnt in school and my knowledge of existing tabletop games, I manage to create a game that is both fun and a good learning experience. I was the co-designer and assisted in card layout design and playtesting. For the LANG students, I taught game design concepts like how to be a good playtester and the game design process.

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