Your safe house is no longer functional and you need to make your way to Haven to find a new home. Will you be able to survive the challenges along the way while still maintaining your humanity?

Eric Teo + Wyatt Yeong

One of the assignments for Board Game design class was selecting someone else’s idea and then create a game for it. For this assignment, Wyatt and I selected an idea submitted to Geoff, our professor, where the premise was that this was a post apocalyptic world and players had to survive but become more and more mutated. We had a few ideas like a simple party style game but ultimately we settled for a medium weight race style game where players had to manage their own pool of dice with a push your luck mechanism. Players can choose to settle for what dice roll they had or push their luck and roll the dice again. The danger though is with every roll, the chances of getting mutated increases. If players over mutate, then they will die and lose the game. With careful management of the dice, resources and mutation, players will be able to navigate through the treacherous paths and challenges and beat their opponents to win the game!