A classic card game meets legacy-style play.

You’re living with your family in small town White Oak, Kentucky in the tumultuous years immediately following the Civil War. For as long as you can remember, the 4 big families who’ve lived here have feuded and fought bitterly over the years. You are the oldest child of one of these families, charged with bringing glory to your name in the fights to come!

Brian Kang + CS Wallace + Julian Hyde

Hearts Legacy is a mod of the classic card game Hearts that uses elements from Legacy board games. You play the head of an 1800s Appalachian family who is feuding with the heads of the 3 other families in town. By completing Missions, conducting Mischiefs, and playing Trumps you will bring as much shame as possible upon their heads.

Each game starts off with a regular deck of 52 playing cards, but this is a legacy game. What that means is that as the game progresses, new rules and features are eventually added that permanently change the behavior of some cards. You do this by writing on your cards in ink, putting permanent stickers on them, and in some cases ripping them up. By the end of the game the deck will become the recorded history of your Family and its actions, a unique artifact created by your group.