A revamp of the game Focuslash, now with more focus and more slash. (And a new name!)

Brendy + Carsen Decker + June Elazegui + Isiah Rosa + Lianna Pang
Instructor:  Clara Fernández-Vara    


Your name is Zippy and you’re a rollerblading graffiti artist. In the forgotten outskirts and abandoned underground of cities, you find your safe space. However, in a city oversaturated with bland tastes, something has manifested from the greyness of these walls.

But, there’s still hope! You’ve been honing your skills and these monsters are no match for your colorful trails. Take a stand against the majority, but be careful not to succumb to the masses…


This is a revamp of the game Focuslash, originally created by our very own Carsen Decker. Besides giving the game a new look, we overhauled the controls and the mechanics to make for more intuitive and fresher gameplay. This was for our Major Studio (Spring 2020) class.

You can download and play the game here! We welcome any feedback on the game, so be sure to leave a comment or use the Google Form for more detailed feedback!