Miguel Sicart

Wednesday, February 12, 7PM

2 Metrotech Center, 8th Floor

What does it take to make videogames ethically relevant? This talk explains how games can engage users in ethical experiences that are unique to the medium. Videogames can present complex moral experiences without sacrificing their entertainment values or artistic possibilities.

In this talk he will present how ethical gameplay design works beyond simply providing trivial choices to players. Using design theory and philosophy, he will present a number of concepts that are useful to create and analyze game-based ethical experiences. This is a talk about the design of games that challenge us, provoke us, and thrill us – this is a talk about games that morally matter.

Miguel Sicart is a games scholar based at the IT University of Copenhagen. For the last decade his research has focused on ethics and computer games, from a philosophical and design theory perspective. He has two books published: The Ethics of Computer Games; and Beyond Choices: The Design of Ethical Gameplay(MIT Press 2009, 2013). His current work focuses on playful design, and will be the subject of a new book called Play Matters (MIT Press/Playful Thinking, 2014).

RSVP here. Free and open to the public.