Think Assassin's creed in tabletop form!

Eric Teo + Kailin Zhu


Hunting Season is a head to head battle with hidden movement, deduction and a dose of dexterity that plays from 15 to 30 minutes. Players are time traveling spies moving between cities and time, cunningly positioning themselves to strike at their opponents. Whether you choose to upgrade your capabilities for that overwhelming strike or attack early and often to frustrate your opponents, you will need to be quick on the draw and eliminate your opponent to win the game!

We wanted to create a micro game between 2 players that will capture the feeling of sneaking around in a limited area, avoiding your opponent’s attack and eventually dealing the ultimate blow and win the game. The key emotions we was aiming for was anticipation, suspense, stealth and cunning. The mechanisms we envisioned were deduction, grid movement, hand management, asymmetry game play and modular board. Most importantly, we wanted a game that is presentable, something we can be proud of and has the potential to be, with a little polish, shown to publishers and have a reasonable chance to be picked up.