Haha I made a cool mod that adds a Tank to a dungeon crawler

It shoots rockets and lasers! Pew pew PEW PEW KaBOOM BlaM bLAm blAM *crunching noises* kchhhhkkkkkkkkhhhhhhh

Inno Spelman
Class: Procedural Generation for Games - 2019
Instructor:  AP Thomson    


I made a series of mods for my Procedural Generation for Games class.

Of those mods for AP Thompson’s Dungeon Crawler were

  1. A giant mech that chases you around the dungeon
  2. A farming mod where villagers till fields, bring wheat to a mill, and produce bread
  3. A multiplayer mod that makes all the other mods in the game multiplayer as well

It was really buggy but also really fun, feel free to download the project and see for yourself <3

Get it on Github!