A cute platfomer where you solve puzzles by reflecting laser beams.

An endearing puzzle platformer where you use lasers to solve reflection-based puzzles.

Nick Carbonara
Class: Introduction to Game Development - 2016
Instructor:  Mitu Khandaker    

Play the game HERE! (Desktop computers)

Laserboy, a brief prototype for a platformer, was my labor of love over the course of a semester in Intro to Game Development. A cute little platformer, Laserboy proves that lasers can be used for more than destruction. Like solving puzzles! Or spinning around like a crazy person.

Laserboy is all about using reflection physics to conquer obstacles. Need to hit a button around an awkward corner? Fire your laser at the right reflective surface and watch it bend right towards your target. Problem solved.

The graphics and music, along with most of the rest of the game (props to Game Center student Junege Hong for helping me work out some bugs!), were designed by yours truly using Photoshop and Bosca Ceoil, respectively. Some of the sound effects, including the dainty bell noises the character makes as he frolics to and fro, were made using Bosca Ceoil and/or Bfxr, while others, like the skyscraper ambiance, were taken from a royalty-free sound site. Altogether, the intended aesthetic is colorful, chillout cuteness, with a touch of sci-fi on the side. Take a gander at some of these screenshots above, and enjoy the game’s music a listen below (especially those delightful bells halfway in!):


What’s more, the game sports a prototype color-changed mode designed to help players with Protanopia or Deuteranopia-type colorblindness more easily differentiate between important color cues (namely the changing color of the Laserboy’s laser). While this mode hasn’t been tested with colorblind players, it has passed tests using colorblindness simulating software.

In short, if you like lasers, cute things, lasers, platformers, and/or lasers, Laserboy is the game for you.