A top-down roguelike with an emphasis on experimentation.

Oscar Ngan + bf1081 + Ian Ouellette + jyg235 + nan278
Class: Game Development: Team Studio - 2018
Instructor:  Diego Garcia    

Created by Ben Fried, Ian Ouellette, Nicholas Neissa, Jack Guo, and Oscar Ngan, Luck of the Draw is a top-down roguelike shooter where the goal is to survive in an (essentially) randomized world on each playthrough. Upon entry, the player will not know how the world functions; in order to survive this hostile environment, they must find, experiment, and manipulate the resources scattered about the land to incorporate into their weapon. The deeper players go in any given direction, the more difficult managing enemies become. Likewise, however, the rewards from exploring such regions are higher as a result. The ultimate goal, of course, is to conquer the boss in the center of the map, at which point the world is regenerated and the game can begin again