A fabulous one-level clone of Whomp's Fortress

Ian Ouellette + Michael Moerdler-Green + Nick Carbonara
Class: Intermediate Game Development - 2017
Instructor:  Robert Yang    

Play the Game HERE! (Desktop computers)

Jokingly called “Mario 64 II,” this class-assigned project is a clone of the famous Super Mario 64 level “Whomp’s Fortress.” The final product is the result of a month-and-a-half of hard work by Michael Moerdler-Green, Koken Ishii, Ian Ouellette and Nick Carbonara, who recreated much of the mechanics, level structure, 3D assets, sound, and even music from scratch using Unity, C#, Maya, Photoshop, and Bosca Ceoil.

Knowing we only had so long to commit to the project, scoping was a major concern of ours. Initially we wanted to shooting for the moon and duplicate the “Bob-omb Battlefield” level, one of ample size that contains several different complex elements. After careful consideration, however, we realized that mimicking “Whomp’s Fortress” was a more manageable task, but also one that would still be an exciting challenge. Despite its smaller size we still had to cut a few elements of the level in the interest of time, such as the final boss and certain side-areas, for example, but these choices allowed us to focus more on improving the quality of the end result overall.

Given the number and variety of tasks we had to undertake, team coordination was critical. Staying organized with GitHub task cards and performing weekly or near-weekly stand-ups, as well as staying in communication with one another, both in-person or remotely via Slack, allowed us to stay focused and informed.

In the end, we were able to create a clone that approaches the fun and charm of the original game. Peruse the lovely screenshots below, or play the game online on your PC or Mac via the link above!