Experience the reality of war and step into the life of a veteran.

Keanan Pucci
Class: Capstone I - 2019-2020
Instructor:  Winnie Song      Mitu Khandaker    

Download M.I.A. here: https://keananpucci.itch.io/mentally-in-action

I highly recommend playing the game before learning any more context, but please feel free to return after!

In Mentally In Action, interaction and reaction to the world expands the story. Progression relies on exploration, especially when the player experiences recurring PTSD flashbacks.

The narrative reveals the depths of horror and trauma that armed conflict creates, and sheds a light on the past and present treatment of a surviving veteran.

The mechanics mimic real world actions to remain accessible to a player with any level of VR experience. M.I.A. is a seated experience where players operate a wheelchair to move and use the grip buttons on VR controllers to interact.

View the full artist’s statement here: Artist Statement

View the final capstone presentation here: Capstone Presentation

M.I.A. is a slice of what would be a 2+ hour experience. This scope is the product of a solo capstone project, besides the incredible sound design work by Landon Rudd. However, this slice truly represents the heart of the full game.

I dedicate Mentally in Action to my late grandfather, Joe Pucci Sr. Because of him, I’ve always known that there are good, loving people within the armed forces. Thank you so much to his friends for sharing their stories with me, it’s been an honor telling them with M.I.A.

By Keanan Pucci https://www.keananpuccidesign.com/  kcp320@nyu.edu

ft. Landon Rudd LandonRudd.com   Landon@LandonRudd.com