A Lunar Lander roguelike.

Explore to find fuel, and spare parts, but everything you take is bolted on to your ship, adding weight, draining fuel, and throwing it off balance.

Class: Thesis I - 2019
Instructor:  Frank Lantz    




– RCS is GO; DPS is GO; Pressure is okay.

– 2000, 40 feet per second is good.

– 1000 feet.

– 400 feet, down to 9, 15 forward.

– 250, down at 2-1/2. Go for landing.

You are extremely cautious about every move you make as a small mistake during landing leads to a crash. You slowly approach the surface of this uncharted planet and turn off the engine 5 feet above the ground.

Very smooth touchdown.

Now you can take a close examination of this large cube-shaped object and check what’s inside. A rare type of crystal? An auto-repair set so you can fix the damaged long-range radar? or an alien anti-gravity thruster which may completely change how your ship flies?

Module X is a physics-based spaceship flying and building game inspired by Lunar Lander and Captain Forever. Fly your delicate spaceship in a challenging and addictive way by controlling the thrusters. Explore procedurally generated planets and collect vital resources and exciting new parts. Build new ships with your engineering mind as everything is physically simulated and the ship design has a huge impact on flight characteristics.

Play the demo here!