Murder mystery filled with intrigue, anthropomorphic lesbians, and.... murder!

Jen Bourke
Class: Game Studio I - 2020
Instructor:  Bennett Foddy      Robert Yang    

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In a little truck stop town in the desert, in an oddly placed gothic mansion, Monderstreet House, the Houndsmouth residence, there are some strange goings on…. going on. Alix, a failing lawyer, decides to steal from the safe in the study. Suddenly, a BANG! Alix has a murder pinned on them. In order to save themselves, and the town, they must join their old partner, Amelia, the town’s detective. Together, they will confront a conspiracy that threatens everyone in their sleepy truck stop town.

Please play in fullscreen! Little screen cuts off the top of the game.

There’s a secret ending if you get all six clues!

CW: guns, vague violence, kidnapping, zombifying, a cop