Portal 1.5 - a faithful clone of the classic

mt3523 + Nate Smith + Raymond Lothian
Class: Intermediate Game Development - 2020
Instructor:  Greg Heffernan    

Final project for Intermediate Game Development Spring ’20.

Can be found on itch.io


WASD – Move

Left/Right Click – Shoot portals

E – Grab objects

Space – Jump


Our group chose to create a clone of Valve’s iconic Portal puzzle game.  We deemed it “Portal 1.5”, because it incorporates many of the main puzzle mechanics seen in the original Portal: teleportation, the Weighted Storage Cube, buttons, and doors.  The portals are fluid, realistic, and behave (almost) identically to those in the original games.  Our clone contains three levels that showcase all of the aforementioned mechanics;  Use the cube to complete puzzles, the portals to manipulate physics, and the buttons to open doors!  We gave it a personal twist with the sounds, as we couldn’t copy from the game, but they fit in nicely to create a clone with our group’s signature on it.  We painstakingly crafted the portal gun to make it as accurate as possible and we managed to create a truly faithful clone to the original. There was also attention and time spent on making the portals as smooth as possible, and they came out splendid.  We even designed a start menu that greets the player and sets the tone for the game.  Our clone showcases the main mechanics of Portal through bite sized levels, and we hope it brings back the same feeling of nostalgia we got while creating it.

All code, models, and textures by Isabella ChenRaymond LothianNate SmithMark Timcenko.