Rogue-like deckbuilder with a focus on time, rather than mana, as a resource

Pyramidion takes you into the mythological world of Ancient Egypt, where you will engage in challenging time-based card battles against foul beasts and powerful deities.

Class: Capstone I - 2019
Instructor:  Bennett Foddy    

Pyramidion is a roguelike deckbuilding game that focuses on using time instead of mana as its main resource. Players fight against famous figures of Ancient Eygptian mythology, playing cards onto a timeline that resolves chronologically at the end of each turn. This unique addition to the conventional structure of card-oriented combat creates a gameplay experience that is a uniquely complex blend of the improvisational chaos of deckbuilders and the deliberate, chess-like calculation of turn-based strategy games.

Latest Build:

Over the course of development, we definitely faced a lot of challenges in realizing our initial conception of what Pyramidion would be. Though the digital format offered many advantages, it also put a lot more responsibility on us as designers to create a user interface that was easily readable, but also sufficiently conveyed the nuances of the timeline-oriented combat system.

Through countless cycles of playtesting and iteration, we can confidently say we’ve arrived at a point where the UI speaks for itself without need for an overbearing onboarding process, which was one of our greatest design struggles throughout development.


Art/Design: Jack Yiming Guo –

Programming/Design: Kenrick Tse –

Audio – Colin Vandervort –