2D Tank Party Game with RANDOM controls!

Class: Capstone I - 2019
Instructor:  Matt Boch    

Forget everything you thought you knew about gaming! Re[Map] is a multiplayer 2D tank shooter where the controls are RANDOMIZED every round! Pick your color, hop in a tank, and figure out which button is shoot before your opponent kills you!

This game supports up to 4 local players and uses the frustration of not knowing the controls and turns it into a crazy party game

While inside your tank every action – move, turn, shoot, dash, eject – is mapped to a random button on the controller and the player who can adapt to their new controls the fastest wins! You don’t need to master every new tank though, sometimes the only buttons you need are turn and shoot!

Your tank got destroyed? No problem, a new one is being airdropped back into your garage so run back over there and hop in. Be careful though, each new tank has remapped controls.


Download on Steam here!